What “Gap Life” is about?

Two travelers meet in New Zealand:

  • Hi Tom, how are you? What are you doing in New Zealand?
  • Hi Ola, I am traveling, just finished my study. I am on a gap year. What are you doing?
  • That’s sounds great, cool! I am traveling as well. I am on a gap life!
  • Gap life? – asked Tom. Sounds awesome, haha can you really do it?
  • Yeap you can. Just don’t separate your work from your holiday. Treat whole life like one thing.

The name of my blog was created unknowingly during this kind of conversations. Very similar dialogues I used to have when talking to my clients and working as adventure cave guide in Waitomo in New Zealand. My reply, “I am on a gap life” always caused a smile and sometimes even a laugh among people.

Tongariro Crossing, Nowa Zelandia, 2015

What does the phrase “Gap Life” mean?

“Gap life” is a transformed name of the popular term “Gap year”. “Gap year” is a year off from school or university when people go very often for traveling. A very popular trend in Germany, England, Australia and New Zealand.

What is going on?

So I’m on a Gap Life and that means that I do not have a permanent job and place to live. I am traveling, looking for interesting activities, meeting people, and I am sharing all of my experiences here, on this blog. I do not go on holiday, because I’m already on holiday 🙂 Well, almost … in the meantime, I am working as well 🙂 But the expression “holiday” I have always associated wrong, because it took away my sense of freedom and liberty. I understood that when I am on holiday for three weeks it means that for the rest of the 11 months I am working quite hard doing something I don’t really like. I am tired and need rest to gain strength and get back to work again. I am simplifying it, but that time I have seen it like this. I was also wondering who has the right to decide how much I have to work, how long I can be on holiday and why the world is so constructed that in order to achieve something, you have to work hard or very hard.

What if you don’t have to work hard to achieve something?

Abel Tasman National Park, Nowa Zelandia 2015
Abel Tasman National Park, Nowa Zelandia 2015

I’ve never had a specific plan, not to follow with this system. After graduation, I left and life just worked out itself for me. I found a dream job in New Zealand where was a lot of good laugh and energy. It took me 15 minutes to get to work and the road was leading through beautiful scenery. Finally, I started to feel the freedom of life.

Gap life is a life itself. The life which I don’t take too seriously. Why should I do it? Apparently the older we are, the more serious we become. Why? Smile, laugh more and take it easy! Let’s have fun and create your life the way you want to have it, not the way other people tell you!

Don’t force yourself through all your life to do something that doesn’t give you any pleasure.

W drodze na Tetnuldii, Gruzja 2012

My aim is not to encourage you to change your life into my way, because I know that is no solution for everyone. But I really want you to at least go on holiday more often (maybe you can find some inspiration right here). I also want you to work less, earn enough money for your needs, and most of all I want you to enjoy the life.

Gap life is not only a travel blog, it is something more. It is about a life that sometimes is crazy, joyful, dangerous, hard and… so normal. I am going to write about countries that I visited, my stories, challenges, interviews with interesting people (as fast as I buy recorder 🙂 The blog is just developing so we’ll see what comes up. I am going to write about stuff which I am interested in.

If you’ve made it to this end, thank you very much for your time. I hope that you will visit me more often and leave a trace behind. If you do not like what I am writing about, let me know as well. This is what life is about: find something you are good at, and just do it. You’ll never find it, until you don’t try!